Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thank You Mr. Boehner!

I guess it was about 10:00 PM when it was announced that Terry McAuliffe defeated Ken Cuccinelli to become the next Governor of the state of Virginia.

Almost immediately thereafter, the media pundits (you know the ones I mean) opined the loss as a “huge setback for the Tea Party Movement,” adding that “Virginia has been trending blue for some time now.”

Curious statements considering McAuliffe garnered less than 50% of the vote.

In fact, one could argue Cuccinelli would likely had won if not for presence of a third party candidate - - an argument you’ll hear from many conservative pundits today in the aftermath of the election.

And, an argument that’s probably true. But, let’s be clear, Ken Cuccinelli didn’t lose the race because Ross Perot…err…Robert Sarvis was in the race.

Ken Cuccinelli lost the race due to the actions of John Boehner, and his cronies, by their recent shutdown of the Federal Government.

De-fund “Obamacare?”

God bless Ted Cruz and his cohorts for floating the idea, but even Cruz admittedly knew it would never happen. His actions simply served to bring the subject of “Obamacare” to the forefront in advance of what we now know was a disaster of a roll-out.

Boehner, Cantor, and the likes, chose to enact the ill-fated strategy in an effort to endear them to what I describe as the “conservative wing” of the party.

Chose to enact an initial strategy (de-funding) that all knew was never going to happen.

Oh, they finally ended with a proposal (delay of the individual mandate) that had a chance of passing, but it took several iterations to finally get to where they should have started from in the first place.

And, because their demands changed almost daily, they appeared as nothing more the petulant children in the midst of a tantrum.

In the end, as predicted by this writer, “RINO’s” joined their peers across the aisle and finally passed a resolution re-opening the government (and raising the debt-ceiling) without obtaining a single concession towards the GOP agenda.

A resolution that expires on January 15, 2014 which should be of comfort to all Federal Employees and Government Contractors…the potential of another shutdown looming on the horizon!

Better stated, it should be comforting to the Federal Employees and Government Contractors living in the most populous areas in Virginia.

Employees and contractors that instead of paying attention to the disastrous roll-out of “Obamacare,” were focused instead on the back and forth in congress wondering when they would return to work, and if they would get paid.

Employees and contractors that have voted Republican in the past, but chose differently this go-around.

Or, worse yet, didn’t vote at all.

Some returned to the fold late in the race, but the setback was too much for Cuccinelli to overcome.

McAuliffe won nine of the 11 counties in Northern Virginia, building his winning margin there as well as the Hampton Roads region, home to the state’s other concentration of federal workers.

Let’s be clear, Virginia is not trending blue. It was turned blue by John Boehner and his cronies.

Makes you wonder who really wanted the shutdown. In my opinion, Boehner got played like a fiddle once he named the game.

With the shut-down, Virginia, unexpectedly, became in play so long as the shut-down remained the talk of the town, instead of “Obamacare.” Once that became apparent, there was no way an agreement would be met until the very last minute.

Never let a crisis go to waste as Rahm would say!

Not only did Boehner and his cronies fail to gain any concessions from the left as part of the continuing resolution, they helped return Virginia to the Democrats!

The only question I have is who was pulling Harry Reid’s strings once Boehner presented them with the gift…the Obama camp or the Clinton’s?

As for a “Tea Party setback,” that’s simply liberal spin.

Remember, Cuccinelli nearly erased what was widely reported as a double digit lead by his opponent in the weeks leading up to the election…once “Obamacare” took over the headlines.

In fact, he nearly erased a double digit lead despite the existence of a third party candidate.

And, that scares the hell out of those on the left!

Though, it should be noted it was Mitch McConnell who helped broker the recent deal. He got his dam this time…wonder what the price will be come January 15?

Then again, it was the party of fiscal conservancy that teamed with their peers across the aisle to give Mitch his dam.

And, let’s not forget the $174K tax free gratuity to Senator Lautenberg’s widow…that’s in the bill as well!

I’m sure there was good reason for the gift, despite the fact she’s worth nearly $60M!

With that said, maybe those on the left shouldn't be the only ones afraid of the Tea Party?

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